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Your exhibition appearance is an excellent vehicle for staying in touch with your existing clients and approaching those interested in doing business with you. trend-catering will help you to leave a professional yet pleasantly relaxed impression on your visitors by providing optimal first class exhibition catering.

Expert advice: Your customised exhibition catering!

From the selection of the menu to the booking of artists, we will discuss with you in detail how you can transform your exhibition stand into an exceptional exhibition event. Together, we will develop solutions that will optimally cover every detail from concept development all the way to technical and logistical services. In our opinion, this is how ‘delicious exhibition catering’ ought to be done today!

And where would you like us to set up our catering restaurant for you?

Whether in Berlin, Munich or Paris, trendcatering makes sure things run smoothly. for each event we carefully choose the optimal catering team and provide the necessary catering equipment. Finally, at the venue you will get to know our superb and experienced exhibition catering service. Everything will be as you would expect it from a fine restaurant. Bon Appétit! 

Special Requests for your exhibition catering? DONE!

From the artful japanese tea ceremony to the splendidly hand-woven carpet featuring your company logo, we are excited to develop unique and personalised ideas together with our clients and to put them into practice with highest quality standards. Get ready to thrill your customers!


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