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Event Catering - perfect

Be it a cosy private party, a sophisticated VIP-Lounge, a business function or an event filling an entire stadium, trendcatering customises your events and puts your ideas into action. This includes concept development, planning and preparation as well as personnel and the exact realisation of your vision at the venue of your choice. This is what we like to call optimised event catering. With trendcatering you will profit from our many years of experience in the field of event catering. Why not have a look at the venues section of our webpage for a selection of our trusted partner venues. We would be pleased to personally discuss any questions regarding your ideas with you. Get in touch with us and find out what we can do for you.

Event Catering - Fine-tuning your customised event

At trendcatering we are experts at planning, conceptualising and implementing including both the creative and technical aspects of your ideas. This means we provide all the services necessary to turn your catered event into an unforgettable display of culinary fireworks. Whatever may be required, we will take care of it. This also includes, for instance, providing water and electricity for your event and supplying all the necessary equipment. Most importantly, trendcatering will ensure that organising your event is a relaxing experience for you.

Event Catering - Services included

There is a world of details which – if taken care of well – will turn your event into a real highlight. Apart from catering aspects, we provide many additional services for your event. Among these are:

- complete conceptualisation of all event catering aspects
- design and production of place cards and programmes
- venue decoration
- consultation regarding the selection and booking of artists
- provision of security personnel and admission control


Veranstaltung – Ice

Eventcatering Berlin - Ice 1
Eventcatering Berlin - Ice 2
Eventcatering Berlin - Ice 3

Veranstaltung – Vulkan

Eventcatering Berlin - Vulkan 1
Eventcatering Berlin - Vulkan 2
Eventcatering Berlin - Vulkan 3
Eventcatering Berlin - Vulkan 4
Eventcatering Berlin - Vulkan 5
Eventcatering Berlin - Vulkan 6

Veranstaltung – Wüste

Eventcatering Berlin - Wüste 1
Eventcatering Berlin - Wüste 2
Eventcatering Berlin - Wüste 3

Veranstaltung – Dschungel

Eventcatering Berlin - Dschungel 1
Eventcatering Berlin - Dschungel 2
Eventcatering Berlin - Dschungel 3

Veranstaltung – Feuer und Ice

Eventcatering Berlin - Feuer und Ice 1
Eventcatering Berlin - Feuer und Ice 2
Eventcatering Berlin - Feuer und Ice 3